aioli definition
aioli definition
Definition af aioli: Synonymer, antonymer og udtale
Definition af aioli Synonymer antonymer og udtale
aioli definition
aioli definition
What's the Difference Between Aioli and Mayo? - Chowhound
What s the Difference Between Aioli and Mayo - Chowhound
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aioli definition : Like mayonnaise, aioli is an emulsion or suspension of small globules of oil and oil-soluble compounds in water and water-soluble compounds. In Spain, purists believe that the absence of egg distinguishes aioli from mayonnaise, but that is not the case in France and other countries, where cooks may use egg or egg yolk as an emulsifier.Aioli definition is - a mayonnaise flavored with garlic and sometimes other ingredients (such as red pepper).Nowadays, the word aioli is pretty much synonymous with mayo, and is often just a simple mayonnaise (store-bought or homemade) that is flavored generously with garlic—a nod to its origins.Aioli definition, a garlic-flavored mayonnaise of Provence, served with fish and seafood and often with vegetables. See more.Define aioli. aioli synonyms, aioli pronunciation, aioli translation, English dictionary definition of aioli. n. A rich sauce of crushed garlic, egg yolks, lemon juice, and olive oil. n garlic mayonnaise n. a garlic-flavored mayonnaise of Provence. - French for ai,...aioli definition: The definition of an aioli is a garlicy mayonnaise-based sauce that is used for vegetables, sandwiches and seafood. (noun) An example of an aioli is a sauce that is served with cooked asparagus....aioli definition: a cold, thick sauce made from garlic, eggs, and olive oil. Learn more.Aioli absolutely must contain olive oil and must contain garlic, however. So while aioli is a garlicky riff on olive oil mayonnaise, adding any ol’ cockamamy flavor to your mayo does not make an aioli. Which is why I would like to beg restaurants to stop passing off every single mayo-ish sauce as an aioli. I can see right through your ...You see it on menus, on sandwiches and in-depth on Food Republic. It's aioli, and you know it looks like mayonnaise, but if it were mayo they'd it mayo. It's delicious, spreadable, dippable and seems like it would make a great homemade ranch dressing. But it's not mayonnaise. So what is the difference between mayonnaise and aioli?Aïoli definition: garlic mayonnaise | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
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